With its main campus in University Park in Miami-Dade County, Florida International University (FIU) as a public research university has grown at a phenomenal speed since its inception in 1965. Now, it’s counted among the finest universities in the country especially in the category of research by organizations such as Carnegie Foundation. It’s the largest university in South Florida and the first choice for college for many high-school diploma holders there. Admission competition is quite tough; also, if you’re planning to attend FIU, then don’t forget to apply for FIU financial aid as this is a must in the face of growing inflation.

FIU Financial Aid:
FIU financial aid package usually consists of the following schemes:

Gift Aid: This category includes grant and scholarship schemes. At federal government level, Pell grant and FSEOG are the most well-known programs whereas at the level of the state government, Bright Futures Scholarship program is in place for providing tuition assistance to students who display academic brilliance during high school. FIU doesn’t usually offer grants but offers several merit scholarship programs such as National Achievement Finalists, Academic Excellence Scholars, and Presidential Scholars, to name a few.
Self Help: This category includes loans and employment. Federal Stafford Loan, federal work-study schemes, and Perkins loan are the most significant examples of self-help form of aid offered by the federal government. At institutional level, FIU does offer short-term loans and emergency loans for helping their students deal with unforeseen circumstances. Graduate assistantships are also available for students seeking a master or higher level degree.
Applying for FIU Financial Aid:
Applying for FIU financial aid is fairly simple but has to be done carefully to avoid careless mistakes or missing of deadlines. The foremost step is the submission of FAFSA with the correct university’s code: 009635. Moreover, you also have to submit the Florida Financial Aid application to get state level aid such as the Bright Futures Scholarship.
You’re eligible for FIU financial aid if:

Your FAFSA display a need for financial assistance.
You’re a US citizen or an eligible US not citizen, i.e., US permanent resident or US national.
You maintain the required performance academically to continue receiving your aid.
You’re enrolled at least half time.

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